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The worm who couldn’t squirm.

One summer’s day, Sam the worm was lying in his bed. He was thinking about all the amazing things he could do if he could squirm. “Tomorrow is the Cornish worm race” he whispered to himself.  “But I can’t do it because I can’t squirm”.

Suddenly, he heard a faint buzzing sound. A bee silently flew into his cosy bedroom. Do you need any help” said the bee in a soft, gentle voice.” Yes please,” said the worm bursting into tears.

 “I can’t squirm” said Sam sniffling. Tomorrow is the Cornish worm race. “All the other worms in Cornwall are entering except me”

 “Oh don’t worry” said the bee calmly   “close your eyes and hope”. So he did and then he squirmed!

“I can enter I can enter” he cried, yes yes yes”.   

Who is the bee?

Worm who couldn't squirmWorm who couldn't squirm

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