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School logo

The shape of the rainbow has been designed to represent growth as we understand our school serves to promote growth in our children. This can represent physical, emotional and spiritual growth as our children leave our school prepared for their future. The rainbow is also a symbol of hope and aspiration as we encourage our children to ‘be the change they want to see in the World’.

You will notice the ‘t’ in Snainton is a prominent cross. This reminds us that our school community connects with the wider Church of England community within our village, and beyond. We take pride in sharing our Christian ethos with others and our new logo displays this clearly.


Belong, Believe, Become


“Do not be afraid: keep on speaking, do not be silent. For I am with you”

Acts 18:9-10


Through our school’s vision we are reminded about how God spoke out to Paul when he was feeling afraid and uncertain. God unburdened Paul of his fear and encouraged him to recognise the good in the people surrounding him. At this time, Paul was reminded to continue to speak out with confidence and to share God’s message. We encourage our whole school community to embrace this vision and to share our message with the wider community.