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Simba - Our School Dog

A former pupil had proposed the idea of a school dog and school leaders followed this up with their own research and visits to other schools that have introduced dogs to the school environment and then, in September 2019, our Headteacher introduced Simba to the children and school community. 

Simba is a cockapoo. He was born in July 2019 in Doncaster to a loving family and was raised with his parents until he was 10 weeks old. Simba has always socialised with young children and has a loving, caring nature. In time, we hope that Simba will respond to training to become a reading dog.

We know the benefits that having a dog in school can have. After his first week in school, one parent commented on how much easier the school journey was for their child knowing that Simba was waiting for them at the school gate. Other children have found being able to walk with Simba alleviates their anxiety and reduces stress levels. For new children joining our school, the thought of Simba greeting them on their first day creates excitement and helps to calm nerves and anxiety. Adults in school enjoy bringing in treats and visiting Simba throughout the school day.

In the time he has been in our school, he has proven to be a positive addition to the community.