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School Council


Children voiced their manifesto to their peers before elections took place to elect the School Council. 2 members of each class made up the School Council to meet with the Headteacher.

School council worked with the Headteacher to design improvements to outdoor spaces. This included The Castle and Forest School Area.

This was the first school council to help design the school menu. A range of choices was given to the councillors and they selected a menu after consulting their peers.



Children nominated themselves for the School Council and names were selected from a hat. 3 members of each class make up the School Council and they meet with the Headteacher.

School council have been consulted on a new Behaviour Policy. Initially, councillors brought their own ideas to the Headteacher and then agreed to consult with the class. Feedback has been given to the Headteacher for adults in school to review. A new Behaviour Policy is expected to be prepared in December 2019.