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At Snainton Church of England Primary we believe that spiritual development is not necessarily religious but is a ‘concern to foster the growth of the human spirit’.  Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is part of the National Curriculum expectations. We consider that spiritual development is about helping children to develop academically but more importantly personally so that they become well rounded and ready to take their place in society fulfilled, happy, spiritually aware and socially and emotionally engaged.

We believe that spirituality is essential for personal happiness. No child is complete without spiritual engagement, be it through art, music, literature, nature etc. One of the ways spirituality can be expressed is through the awareness or understanding of the value of silence and reflection. We therefore actively provide opportunities for our children to reflect and give them time to think more deeply about things to fully appreciate the world around them and to consider the contribution they can make to it.

It is often said that Spirituality will only happen when we are open and willing to go deeper.  At  Snainton we try to develop spirituality by being creative and engaging, by enabling our pupils to connect with stories, by empowering our children to ask and respond to questions, by promoting play and creativity and  by developing relationships, by providing a sense of belonging and by  the use of prayer and symbols Our school is set in beautiful surroundings which hep our children to appreciate the world around them from the very beginning of their school journey.

There are many opportunities for parents to share spiritual activities with the school including church services and worship sessions in school.